Circular Woven Tree Sleeve

Why VERTPAC Tree Sleeve

Saves Money –  use just the right length of material as needed

Easy to Use –  select desired roll width for tree, pull over pot / root and clip or tie

Protection – breathable, moisture controlled, buffet free transportation environment

Variety – available in 20” to 96” tubular roll widths X 250’ roll length

Fast Shipping – we ship direct to your nursery our full line of circular woven tree sleeves

Woven Shade Cloth

Why VERTPAC Woven Shade Cloth

Saves Money –  cost effective all round protection

Easy to Use –  sewing customization options for effortless installation

Protection – heavy and strong in 6 shade densities from 30% to 80%

Certified – UV stabilized to hold up under extreme solar conditions

Variety – wind and privacy screen, shading for recreation, livestock, patio etc.

Fast Shipping – many stock panel sizes readily available

Knitted Shade Fabric

Why VERTPAC Knitted Shade Fabric

Saves Money – lock stitch construction will not unravel when cut with scissors

Easy to Use – lightweight can be used with zip ties

Protection – sun & screen from birds and rodents

Certified – UV stabilized to withstand direct sunlight with up to a 90% shade factor

Variety – 12 shade densities and 5 colors in 6’ to 32’ widths

Fast Shipping – we ship direct to your nursery our full line of knitted shade products

Ground Cover

Belt Clip

The belt clip makes it easier and faster to sleeve smaller plants and can be used with the Satin, ShoCase, Fiber-Aire, and System Paper sleeves.

Counter Clamp

This clamp easily attaches to any retail counter to conveniently sleeve plants and flowers, making the checkout line run smoother and making the product easy for customers to handle. This low-profile sleeving system is a must for any retailer.

Sleeving Standard

This system is for large-volume sleeving. Increase productivity while keeping a uniform and organized sleeving system. Ideal for any sized plants, our innovative stands are customized and adjustable to your working environment, allowing an individual to quickly sleeve even large foliage.

A platform option enables the person sleeving to be at the same height as a plant traveling along a conveyor.